04.17.17 - Privacy Workshop | Meeting & Reception

By Claire on Jul 16th, 2018

Sponsored and hosted by a large comprehensive enterprise privacy management software company, this practitioner focused workshop was one stop of a worldwide series where privacy professionals can learn from each other about tools and best practices to operationalise their privacy programs.

Using in-house tables and folding chairs set in a classroom style format, the moderators worked with a combination of structured educational sessions and peer-lead discussions encouraging attendees to share practical tips on topics such as GDPR compliance and how to perform a data inventory. The meeting was followed by a networking reception in the south wing across the hall, catered by La Prima https://www.laprimacatering.com/, where guests were able to unwind over a local craft beer and continue to coalesce ideas while relaxing in our handsome, ox-blood tinted leather couches.

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